My name is Beth Jarvis and I started painting the summer of 2009.

It all started with a video on YouTube by the amazing artist, Brandon McConnell. I was immediately captivated. After watching a few more of his videos and reading through the forums on his website, I was ready to start. I gathered my paint cans, magazine paper and pan lids and dove into a hobby that I became addicted to.

Since that day, I have looked at various sites, some from other spray paint artists and some general space sites to get new ideas. I get most of my inspiration from the awesome people at I continue to peruse the internet looking to find something to convert into this unique style of painting. I carry around a sketchbook in my bag to jot down ideas I have during the day.

People always ask me, "Are you an art student?" I laugh because I actually graduated college with a degree in middle childhood education with concentrations in math and science. Despite my role as a teacher in the community, I still find time to dedicate to my painting obsession.

I am married to an amazing man, Adam. He has encouraged me to pursue painting and gives me great feedback on my art. His research has helped create this website, making my art available to people who aren't in my town. I love you, Adam!

I hope to one day participate in an art show and paint in front of a live crowd. Perhaps one day, I will inspire others to pick up a paint can like so many have inspired me. Thanks, everyone!

Me Painting


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